Exploring the Inca Trail with new App

Monday January 19, 2015
Exploring the Inca Trail with new App

Participants of the famous Inca Trail to the beautiful Inca Citadel Machu Picchu in Peru, have now the possibility to use a new app “Guía Hi Tec: Camino Inca”, before heading departing on their trip.

The app is very visual and gives access to virtual maps: not only of the classic four day Inca Trail but also of the Salkantay and the Choquequirao Trek. Besides maps, there is a nice photo gallery and there are descriptions of flora and fauna and of the archeological sites along the Inca Trail.

No internet connection is needed once the app is downloaded. The creator is the Peruvian photographer and journalist Walter H. Wust.

According to Wust it took a investment of approximately 40,000 dollars to make the app. Wust spend almost a year exploring the Inca Trail in order to make the app and especially the maps.

The free app is available in both Spanish and English and can be found in Google Play for Android and App Store for Apple.

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