Group of Cusco citizens plans to reclaim Temple Qorikancha

Friday January 19, 2018
Group of Cusco citizens plans to reclaim Temple Qorikancha

In a letter to Pope Francis, a group of Cusqueños wants to convince the Catholic Church to return the ancient Inca temple Qorikancha.

Like many other Inca temples in the city of Cusco and its surroundings, Qorikancha, the most important temple of the Inca Empire, had been destroyed during the Spanish conquest more than 500 years ago and a Catholic church had been built on its foundations.

The so-called community of 'Hatun Ayllu Qorikancha' has been fighting for the right to perform Andean rituals in the former temple and thus to accomplish the once intended purpose of the holy site. Upon arrival of the Pope for his journey to South America, the group wants to deliver their letter to Pope Francis.

The group of “Hatun Ayllu Qorikancha” claims to be living according to the most important believes of the Inca culture: in harmonious relationship between humans, nature and spiritual sphere. According to Rómulo del Carpio, a member of the Cusqueñean community, the site of Qorikancha should be fulfilling its original function, an energy center for the union of Cusco’s population and their ancient deities.

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