Are the historic buildings in Cusco in danger of disaster?

Tuesday October 4, 2016
Are the historic buildings in Cusco in danger of disaster?

Just last month, there was a fire in a church located in San Sebastian, Cusco. After this sad event, the government is asking itself, ´´Are the historic buildings in Cusco in danger of disaster?´´

There are 142 religious sites that the government, specifically the Ministry of Culture, is very concerned about.

The church in San Sebastian caught fire for unknown reasons, and the fire destroyed the majority of the building and its interior artifacts.

Because of this sudden and shocking incident, the Ministry of Culture is conducting inspections on 12 of the many religious structures in Cusco, all of them being National Heritage Sites.

The National Institute of Civil Defense is conducting the inspections to determine if these important sites in the Cusco area are in danger of fire or other disasters.

Jorge Escobar Medrano, a professor of the National San Antonio Abad University in Cusco, asserts the severity of the issue: ´´All the churches in Cusco are on red alert, because there are serious problems with electrical installations. What happened in San Sebastian is a tragedy, but is also a clarion call for others.´´

Furthermore, the professor claims that the issue stems from the lights that church officials use to shine on the saints and other artifacts.

Some are worried specifically about the Temples in San Cristobal and San Blas, whose priest has asserted the need for a change in the light fixtures.

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