Cusco: Improvements for pedestrians & public transport

Monday October 24, 2016
Cusco: Improvements for pedestrians & public transport

Cusco is a city with a constant urban growth, though it is not precisely ordered. In fact, the difficulties create a large amount of noise, contamination and chaos. There is an excess of cars, with a total of 115,000 vehicles filling the streets. This is a 320% increase from 10 years ago. Both experts and the Cusco locals worry about this issue, especially as more than 2.5 million tourists visit Cusco every year. Cusco´s environment could experience serious damage if this problem persists and no action is taken to combat it.

An initiative, founded by the City of Cusco and the World Bank, “Cusco 2025 Movilidad y Espacios Públicos,” should improve the situation for public spaces and pedestrians in the historic centre in the upcoming years.

Currently, the founders are looking for investors to back the project. They are mainly focusing on communities and businesses for support.

The following are the 5 projects that encompass “Cusco 2025”:

  1. Restoring the main pedestrian pathways that used to be used throughout the historical centre of Cusco.
  2. Construct an additional plaza for the city. The second project should also function as a train station for Perú Rail. The negotiations are already in the works.
  3. The public transport will be reorganized in new ways. In order to prevent the overlapping of principal routes for various transports, another public transportation system with new routes will be introduced. Additionally, pedestrians and car owners will receive more benefits.
  4. The construction of a new “avoiding route” is under consideration in order to avoid the inundation of the slow, heavy traffic from the main arterial roads. With this, they want to improve the situation for pedestrians and public transport users and operators.
  5. The “Gran Parque Metropolitano” is where the airport Velasco Astete is currently located, which they want to use until the new airport in Chinchero is operational. They are still waiting for approval for this new airport, for which an investment of US$520 million will be needed.

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