Inca Show performed at Temple of the Sun in Cusco

Tuesday May 22, 2018
Inca Show performed at Temple of the Sun in Cusco

Last Thursday night, tourists in Cusco could see an Inca show at the open area of the Coricancha, the Temple of the Sun, located close to the main square of Cusco. The whole show was projected on a giant screen.

The performance was led by David Ancca who will also act as Inca Pachacutec during the Inti Raymi festival taking place on June 24 in Cusco. Tourists as well as locals could observe the spectacle from grandstands that had been placed around the Coricancha.

Two of the highlights of the show were the fire ritual and the drinking of chicha de jora. Chiha is a Peruvian corn beer of the Sacred Valley, made of maize.

David Ancca, actor of the Inca Pachacutec, announced the anticipation of the people of Cusco about the arrival of Sun God on the 24th of June.

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