Inca Trail will be closed for Maintenance in February

Wednesday February 1, 2017
Inca Trail will be closed for Maintenance in February

Countless tourists travel to Peru each year to hike the famous trail known as the Inca Trail. As is custom, this trail will be closed for maintenance this February.

The Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco is in charge of the maintenance, and it recently confirmed that it would be closing in February, as it does each year.

This time of maintenance is essential for the trail´s health, as workers treat the various paths, bridges, campsites, and nature of the trail.

The head of the directorate asserted that ´´Tour guides, tourist operators and agencies are familiar with these works, carried out every year in February. They are advised to adopt corresponding measures to prevent any setbacks that may affect visitors.´´

Don´t worry, however, as the trail will be back up and running on the 1st of March!

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