International Book Fair Held in Cusco This Week

Tuesday August 29, 2017
International Book Fair Held in Cusco This Week

The International Book Fair Cusco 2017 will be held from August 25 to September 3, with the participation of approximately fifty writers and numerous activities to take part in, including concerts by the Cusco Symphony Orchestra, lectures, artistic performances for children, dialogues of philosophy and literature, and other similar activities.

The FIL Cusco 2017 is organized in honor of Narciso Aréstegui Zuzunaga, a Cusco writer born 200 years ago, and author of one of the first American novels (El Padre Horán, 1848), precursor of indigenismo, teacher, librarian and in his Moment Director of the College of Sciences and Prefect of the city.

The main objective of FIL Cusco this year will be to make native languages, both Andean and Amazonian, visible. This year, in honor of the intercultural approach that characterizes it, the idea of the book will be discussed in lectures as the only form of support to transmit knowledge from certain cultures, since in Andean and Amazonian cultures knowledge has been transmitted primarily through stories, songs, music , etc. For this reason, tables on "orality", "oral literature", "cultural memories", and "local knowledge" will be heavily displayed.

The head of one of the organizers of the event, Dr. Vidal Pino Zambrano, announced that the FIL Cusco 2017 will be held in the Plaza Mayor of Cusco, Paraninfo University, Casa Garcilaso, and Casa de la Cultura Cusco where the public can participate in the various programmed activities.

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