News item: Kacharpari carnival in Cusco

Thursday February 18, 2016
News item: Kacharpari carnival in Cusco

Last Sunday on Valentine’s Day the Kacharpari carnival took place in Cusco. Under the bright rays of sunshine the people of Cusco danced to the traditional music in their colourful outfits.

The event started in the morning in the Plaza de Armas with a colourful parade. This traditional parade marched through the streets and avenues in Cusco.

More than 20 groups from several different private and public organizations participated in this cultural event. Thousands of tourists, and locals as well visited the event, and watched the amazing performances.

There was a jury who assessed the dancers and performers on punctuality, choreographies, attitudes, quality, and costumes during the competition. They performed traditional dances such as: Tupay, Wallatas, Wallata Salkaqocha at the carnival.

Oscar Alzamora, director of Emufec (The municipal company of festivities in Cusco), stated that the festival was a huge success, and that the city enjoyed the celebrations to the fullest. The residents value their traditions and customs, especially when performing a wide variety of traditional dances.

Affected by the joyful atmosphere both the domestic and foreign tourists enjoyed the carnival music and danced along with the parade.

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