Machu Picchu Ranks #1 On Listing “Iconic Adventures Worth the Effort.”

Friday April 20, 2018
Machu Picchu Ranks #1 On Listing “Iconic Adventures Worth the Effort.”

The well-known magazine National Geographic has put together a list of places that might require (some) walking, climbing or hiking, but that are definitely worth the effort and give the traveler new perspectives on our place on earth.

And - of course - Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru has made it on the list! Machu Picchu actually ranks #1 Because the Machu Picchu is worth the trek like no other and, as the National Geographic states: This world wonder is worth the trek!

The list includes other wonderful places like Petra (Jordan), The Great Wall (China), and The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

National Geographic advises to not only go to Machu Picchu but also to visit the Huayna Picchu - the big mountain behind Machu Picchu from where you get the beautiful view over the Inca Citadel. This visit gives the tour to Machu Picchu a special flair as only 400 people a day are allowed on this beautiful mountain. There is also a good tip: walk slowly, as the stairs to Huayna Picchu are also called the "Stairs of Death."

There are different Trekkings to Machu Picchu, like for instance

The Inca Trail (4 days)
The Inca Trail (2 days)
The Salkantay Trek

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