Machu Picchu receives a new route

Tuesday September 6, 2016
Machu Picchu receives a new route

Peru´s famous World Heritage site Machu Picchu is now accessible through a new route.

Until now, the archaeological site was only equipped with one path used for exit and entrance where it often came to a build-up of crowds. The new route will grant better access as well as safer conditions for visitors, according to the Department of Culture in Cusco.

Furthermore, the road is constructed above the retaining wall of the hill where Machu Picchu is located as a means to prevent landslides. Situated in a region of Peru that receives daily rain showers in the wet season, the close area around Machu Picchu is exposed to a risk of landslides.

“For years we’ve being expecting this project work to provide a better experience for tourist, they will not have the crowding at the entrance door and now the movement will be much more fluid and safe,” says president of the initiative “Front for the Defense of the Interests of Machu Picchu”, Oscar Valencia.

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