Ministry of Culture Declares Inca Ruins New Official Cultural Heritage Site

Friday August 11, 2017
Ministry of Culture Declares Inca Ruins New Official Cultural Heritage Site

The Inca ruins of Waqrapukara in Cusco have been declared a new Cultural Heritage Site by the Minustry of Culture in Peru.

Waqrapukara, in the Acos district of Cusco, features beautiful ruins carefully built into the side of a mountain surrounded by the Apurimac River. The foundations of the ruins actually date back to the Pre-Incan Q’anchi culture, while later additions were made in the early 16th century during the rule of Huayna Capac.

Waqrapukara is made up of two groups of buildings. The first group is located in the upper region, in the middle of a rocky spur, where you can see two groups of enclosures that are separated by a large central space. The enclosures feature passages and niches of functional and ornamental character. Due to their architectural features, it would seem that this first group of buildings were of ceremonial use. The second group of buildings is located below the first group and consists of 8 different platforms that are approximately 150 meters long by 2 meters in height. It is still unclear what this second group of buildings was meant for.

Now that it has been given proper recognition as a Cultural Heritage Site, the conservation of Waqrapukara will be a high priority for municipal governments.

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