The Ministry of Culture in Peru set to publish new data of indigenous peoples

Wednesday July 1, 2015
The Ministry of Culture in Peru set to publish new data of indigenous peoples

The Peruvian government is taking important steps in order to improve the preservation of its ethnic diversity and the languages.

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture published the first stage of data to be included in the newly launched Official Database of Indigenous or Native Peoples.

The first publications on Quechua history will be available in the new database on the 17th of July. The database currently contains a list of 54 indigenous communities’ the majority from the Amazon but also from the Andes. Information such as language, beliefs, ancestral traditions and other social, economic and political data is available. Principally it works as a tool available to indigenous communities to implement the right to prior consent and allows identification of groups who may be most affected by legal or administrative decisions.

The link to view the database in available here: http: // bdpi.cultura. gob . pe

The database and initiatives like it, are a steps towards the protection of ethnic diversity and the protection of Peru´s history. For example one of the first big achievements was to have Quechua and Aymara recognize as official languages in Peru alongside Spanish in 2011. The native languages, traditions and advanced cultures of the indigenous peoples are being lost at a rapid rate, so these steps are much needed.

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