New architecture Discovered in Ollantaytambo

Friday October 30, 2015
New architecture Discovered in Ollantaytambo

A stone enclosure and a handful of Andean terraces were discovered after a group of staff workers was performing maintenance works in Ollantaytambo, Cusco.

This discovery was made in the Ollantaytambo Archaeological Park in Cusco, where the structures had previously been covered by thick vegetation. Cusco’s Decentralized Directorate of Culture announced, however, that work was being conducted to improve maintenance and conservation in the rocky area.

The discovery so far suggests that the site could have been used to prevent a possible rockslide, to increase agricultural potential or for ritual purposes. Archaeologist and coordinator of the park, Oscar Montufar, said the platforms were built in an area of 5 hectares, according to El Comercio. He informed that they each have different measurements and are accompanied by circular staircases.

Montufar further added that an emergency project is being developed to conserve the site and integrate it into the local Peñas tourist circuit.

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