No increase on entrance fee for Machu Picchu in 2019

Tuesday November 27, 2018
No increase on entrance fee for Machu Picchu in 2019

In July and August this year it was announced that the entrance fee for Machu Picchu would be increased in 2019. The reason for this would be the rising of promotional fees paid by the Peruvian Tourism Board to promote the country, Cusco, and the world heritage site Machu Picchu. However, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture has now announced that this is not true and that the entrance fee will remain the same.

By an official statement the Peruvian Ministry of Culture has declared that there will be no increase to the entrance fee; the prices will remain the same for both nationals and tourists. The Ministry is however working on a reorganisation to improve the tourist experience. The plan is to do so by regulating the entrance and making Machu Picchu more accessible.

Furthermore, the Ministry will create a plan to maintain the world heritage site. At the moment, Machu Picchu is closed in February each year for maintenance and authorities are searching for ways to use that time more efficiently.

The changes will be applied in the first month of 2019. They are necessary because the tourism flow to the world heritage site keeps growing. In 2017 over 1.2 million people visited Machu Picchu.

The Peruvian minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism announced the construction of a new entrance to Machu Picchu last week.

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