Cusco during the Quarantine
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Thursday July 9, 2020
On Sunday March 15th in the evening, as we were all preparing for the start of a new work week, we got the shocking national announcement from the president of Peru that we were entering a nationwide quarantine and state of emergency with the closure of all borders by land, air and sea. People in Cusco could not leave their homes, spend time outside; travel and we had to follow a strict and mandatory curfew....
Tuesday February 9, 2016
Carnival in Cusco
This past Thursday, Cusco celebrated ´´Las Comadres´´, a special day dedicated to celebrating women and friends. People celebrate with dances, typical food, and the famous chicha drink. They also celebrate by spraying shaving cream all across Cusco and by soaking everyone in sight with buckets of water. ...
Tuesday January 26, 2016
Celebration of Saint Sebastian in Cusco
Last week, Cusco celebrated Saint Sebastian with dances, processions, and mass in the very district that displays his name, San Sebastian.

The celebration took place on Tuesday and Wednesday and was filled with typical dances, fireworks, and church traditions. There was also a parade in remembrance of the Saint. ...
Four new dates have been added to Peru´s school calendar by the Education Ministry of Peru. This will be enforced in both public and private schools.

One of those days is the Day of the Indegenous People and the and the Interculturel Dialogue that will be celebrated on October 12th. ...
Tuesday January 12, 2016
Machu Picchu to Expand Tourist Options in 2016
Juan Carlos Nieto, Chief of Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary, announced that the Sanctuary´s attractions will be further promoted in 2016.

Nieto admitted that the majority of travels focus their priority on visiting Machu Picchu itself. However, he insists that there are many other beautiful sites and attractions in the Sanctuary. ...
Thursday December 31, 2015
Celebrate the New Year in a New Way in Cusco
Long before Katy Perry was assuring us that we were Fireworks and could do anything we set our minds to, Cusco was celebrating life and potential with these colorful and exciting toys. Whether it’s an actual holiday or just happens to be an amazing weekend for somebody, the sound and sparks of fireworks are commonplace in the Andean nation. ...
For first time, Peru was chosen to hold the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness (CTC), meaning that Peru will be allowed to lead the discussion agenda on tourism competitiveness during the period marked between 2015 and 2017. ...

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