Cusco during the Quarantine
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Thursday July 9, 2020
On Sunday March 15th in the evening, as we were all preparing for the start of a new work week, we got the shocking national announcement from the president of Peru that we were entering a nationwide quarantine and state of emergency with the closure of all borders by land, air and sea. People in Cusco could not leave their homes, spend time outside; travel and we had to follow a strict and mandatory curfew....
Interesting news for travelers in Cusco and in Peru. The OPECU, the Peruvian Agency for Consumers and Users, has informed that Peru has now one of the fastest mobile internet download speeds in South America ...
Tuesday April 7, 2015
Peru’s oldest living woman died
Peru’s oldest living woman called Filomena Taipe Mendoza, died last month, after living for 117 years. Born in Huancavelica on December 20th in 1897, Filomena owed her longevity, according to herself, to a lifestyle abundant in natural food. ...
HigLast October Manú National Park in the Amazon of Peru was proclaimed the most bio-diverse area of the world by TEAM, Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring. UNESCO also recognizes this honor. Unsurprisingly, Manu is under threat of destruction on various fronts. ...
Wednesday February 18, 2015
Don´t miss out the night life of Cusco during your stay!
Cusco is known for its archeological sites and amazing treks and train tours to Machu Picchu, which you definitely can´t miss out. After days of hiking in the incredible Inca ruins, you must be tired. ...
Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism minister, Magali Silva, started a new tourism campaign named “Perú, País de Tesoros Escondidos” or, in English, “Peru, Hidden Treasures Country”. ...
Important news for the city of Cusco! The old capital of the Inca Empire, ranks number 2 “Best Destination to visit in South America” ...

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