David Ancca, an actor from Cusco will be the Inca at Inti Raymi 2019
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Friday June 14, 2019
On June 24th, Inti Raymi will be celebrated, Cusco. Inti Raymi is a traditional religious celebration in honour of the god Inti, which is the God of the Sun. In Cusco, it’s every year a big uncertainty who will be playing the character that gives life to the Inca, which is, of course, the most important role of the whole celebration. The actor who is playing this character must meet many requirements, one of which is to speak the original Quechua language fluently....
Peruvian students that are bored with dry history texts, will now have now the opportunity to learn more about Peru’s history in a more unconvential way : a recently developed video game ...
This recognition commits us to working closely with the residents, parish leaders, dance teams, and other people involed, in order to safeguard the original and authentic characteristics of the festival of the Virgen del Rosario de Huallhua ...
Wednesday February 12, 2014
Cusco  and Lima, ideal cities for backpackers
According to a list published by Price of Travel, a database of travel costs in over 110 cities around the world, Cusco and Lima are top destinations in Latin America for backpackers ...
The Latin Songwriter Hall of Fame, an organization established in 2012 to recognize and celebrate the world best Latin Songwriters and to inspire new songwriters through showcases, workshops, scholarships and digital initiatives, has announced the 24 2013 Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame nominees ...
According to Francisco Grippa, the vice minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, the production and export of pisco, Peru’s national spirit, will rise by 5% in 2014. ...
A recent study shows that the Manu National Park in Peru's southern Cusco and Madre de Dios regions has scored a new biodiversity record. ...

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