Peru´s Education System Enforces Day of the Indigenous People

Wednesday January 20, 2016
Peru´s Education System Enforces Day of the Indigenous People

Four new dates have been added to Peru´s school calendar by the Education Ministry of Peru. This will be enforced in both public and private schools.

One of those days is the Day of the Indegenous People and the and the Interculturel Dialogue that will be celebrated on October 12th.

The other dates are March 21st, June 4th, and December 3rd. They celebrate Internation Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Afro-Peruvian Culture Day, and Day for the Abolition of Slavery in Peru, respectively.

A resolution has been proclaimed for all regional and local education organizations to oversee that schools comply with these new dates.

As the calendar celebrates many important historical and cultural dates, it is essential for Peruvian schools to instill national values in Peru´s youth.

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