Peru’s oldest living woman died

Tuesday April 7, 2015
Peru’s oldest living woman died

Peru's oldest living woman called Filomena Taipe Mendoza, died last month, after living for 117 years.

Born in Huancavelica on December 20th in 1897, Filomena owed her longevity, according to herself, to a lifestyle abundant in natural food.

Last year Historia del Peru posted a YouTube video of Filomena.

"My secret for living over 100 years has been natural food", Filomena declares in Quechua. " All I eat comes directly from the land, I never eat from packages or cans. I always eat papa, cheese, fava beans, and oca. I never drink sodas."

Filomenas has raised 9 children, as a single mother; but only three of them are still alife and have been in contact with her till her death.

Most of her life, Filomena actually lived "illegally’, as she never received her ID – in Peru called DNI. With the DNI she finally got, a few years ago, she qualified for Pension 65: a Peruvian program that allows senior citizens to receive a bimontly payment of aprox. $ 100 US.

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