Peruvian tour guide named finalist at World Guide Awards 2014

Wednesday July 16, 2014
Peruvian tour guide named finalist at World Guide Awards 2014

Andina announced today that the Peruvian tour guide Efrain Valles is one of the finalist for the nineth edition of the World Guide Awards along with other three tour leaders. Originally there were over 2,200 nominations, later shortlisted just eight. This is when travelers and other people who know the guides, have been requested to sent in their comments, in order to help the judging panel to choose the winner.

One of the finalists will be crowned as the world’s best Tour Guide later this year. Launched in 2005 in memory of Wanderlust’s co-founder Paul Morrison, the Wanderlust World Guide Awards is the only global award for tour leaders and guides.

Efrain Valles, the Peruvian finalist, is graduated from Cusco’s Tupac Amaru University and he spent the last 12 years leading treks across Peru and to Machu Picchu, with an infectious energy and enthusiasm onto every group he takes on.

Travelers that were so lucky to have him as their guide,  described him as a “great ambassador for Peru who wants nothing for himself” and someone who communicates through “humour, smiles and hugs.”

The other three finalists are Bunyong Roeurn (Cambodia), Charlie Jaques (UK, working France/worldwide) and Lewis Mangaba (Zimbabwe, working in Tanzania).

“We were all humbled yet again by the remarkable guides who had each inspired dozens, if not hundreds, of their clients and peers to write in support of them. It was heartbreaking to have to make a choice,” commented Wanderlust’s Lyn Hughes, one of the judges.

The full results will be announced at London’s Royal Geographical Society on October 21.

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