Practice these 100 adventure sports in Cusco!

Wednesday August 15, 2018
Practice these 100 adventure sports in Cusco!

Directional Resolution No. 0033-2018 has allowed the practice on adventure sports in 103 areas of 13 provinces of Cusco. This based on the proposal submitted by Directorate of tourism of Dircetur in June.

So here’s a list of authorized areas where you can practice adventure sports in the Inca city:


If you like to explore underwater or volcanic caverns, you can practice this sport in Yanaoca (Canas) and Livitaca (Chumvibilcas).

Zip lining:

Enjoy the views that this sport provides in Cusco and Ccorcca (Cusco), Santa Teresa (La Convención), Yaurisque (Paruro), Huayllabamba and Ollantaytambo (Urubamba).


You can practice this in Ccorcca (Cusco), Cachimayo (Ante), Suykutambo and Coporaque (Espinar), and Chinchero and Urubamba (Urubamba).


This sport is usually combined with swimming and climbing to overcome obstacles. You can practice it in Limatambo (Anta) and Santa Teresa (La Convención).


This can be done in Limatambo (Anda), Pomacanchi (Acomayo), Suykutambo y Coporaque (Espinar), Huambutio (Calca), Santa Teresa and Santa María (La Convención), Cusipata and Urcos (Quispicanchi), Huanoquite (Paruro), Ollantaytambo and Maras (Urubamba).


Paragliding can be done in Chinchero, Maras, Huayllabamba (Urubamba) and Anta, Ancahuasi and Limatambto (Urubamba).

Mountain Biking:

It can be practiced in Pomacanchi (Acomayo), Mollepata (Anta), Cusco, San Sebastián and Ccorcca (Cusco), Calca, Pisaq, Lares and Lamay (Calca), Lucre (Quispicanchi), Huanoquite and Paruro (Paruro), Ccosñipata (Paucartambo), Santa Teresa (La Convención), Ollantaytambo, Huayllabamba, Urubamba, Maras and Chinchero (Urubamba).

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Wall climbing:

You can climb walls in Santa Teresa (La Convención), Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero (Urubamba).

Bumgee jumping:

It can be practiced in Limatambo (Anta), Santa Teresa (La Convención), and Paucarbamba (Urubamba).

Horseback riding: In Limatambo, Mollepata (Anta), Santa Teresa (La Convención), Lamay, Calca and Lares (Calca), Coporaque and Suykutambo (Espinar), Ocongate (Quipicanchi), Pitimarca (Canchis), Ollantaytambo, Maras and Chinchero (Urubamba).

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