Puerto Rico Show to be filmed in Cusco

Thursday June 30, 2016
Puerto Rico Show to be filmed in Cusco

After searching for the perfect destination to film the show ´´Check In,´´ producers of the show decided on Peru and, among others, Cusco, as a filming location.

The Puerto Rican show is in its second season and is produced by Sixto George. It is an online show on Primerahora.com, one of the most popular sites in Puerto Rico.

The theme of the show is tourist destinations, and producers use comedy to show the collision of the many cultures around the world.

This makes Peru a prime location for ´´Check In,´´ as its inhabitants are friendly, it boasts a rich culture, and it contains many appealing tourist landmarks, particularly Machu Picchu.

Filming will take place at the end of July in Lima, Cusco, and Puno.

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