The Sacred Valley Brewing Company Shines

Thursday May 12, 2016
The Sacred Valley Brewing Company Shines

The Sacred Valley Brewing Company from Cusco has recently gotten a lot of publicity for its award-wining brews. Peruvians and tourists alike flock to this site for their famous beers.

The Company was started by three friends, Louisa de Heer, Juan Mayorga, and Joe Giammatteo. They say that their idea originated in Oregon, when they were all attending a bluegrass concert. Each with a specific skillset, they combined forces to travel to Peru to search for a good place for a brewery.

They found the perfect spot in the Sacred Valley, specifically a site called Pachar. They built the brewery themselves and even built the septic tank from scratch.

The Brewery has begun its second year, and its fame continues to spread throughout the region. It offers a variety of award-winning beers and provides a quiet and peaceful get-away in the beautiful Sacred Valley.

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