Second earthquake hits same area in Peru in 4 days

Wednesday October 1, 2014
Second earthquake hits same area in Peru in 4 days

The area of Paruro in Southern Peru got hit this morning for the second time in 4 days by an earthquake.

According to the Peru Geophysical Institute, the earthquake, with a 3.6 magnitude tremor, took place at 6:39am local time and the epicenter was at 5 kilometers southeast of the village Misca and 9 kilometers south of the already devastated Paruro province. Both places are in the Cusco region.

In the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the same area last Saturday, at least 8 people died, 5 others got injured and in total 575 people have been reported as a victim. They set up tents in substitution for the destroyed houses.

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