Tambopata - Bird watcher´s paradise presenting the sixth Big Day

Wednesday June 10, 2015
Tambopata - Bird watcher´s paradise presenting the sixth Big Day

The Tambopata National Reserve in Peru was recently hosting the sixth Big Day, an initiative organized by Promperu, which aims to advert bird watching within the framework of ecotourism while guiding visitors through protected areas of the reserve.

During this event six winners get chosen and as their prize they were accompanied by professional bird watching experts, guides and rangers through different areas of the reserve. That way the Peruvian participants could discover even more birds as the guides were pointing out some species and giving information on how to recognize them.

With Tambopata´s variety of 648 species of birds, government´s putting a lot of effort into developing the bird watching tourism, not only in Tambopata but also in other nature reserves such as Manu National Park, Tingo Maria National Park and Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve, trying to put Peru on top of bird watching destinations in the world.

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