The first round of elections take place in Peru

Wednesday April 13, 2016
The first round of elections take place in Peru

On Sunday, April 10th, general elections began in Peru starting at 8 am. This is the fourth time that a democratic process has been used to elect the leaders that will govern Peru for the next 5 years.

These elections will determine the new President, two Vice-Presidents, 130 members of Congress, and 15 Parliament representatives. 23 million citizens had the opportunity to take part in this election running between 8 am and 4 pm on Sunday. In addition, thousands of Peruvians that live oversees sent in their votes from abroad.

The process of voting was electronic, with 5,000 polling sites set up across Peru. The ONPE, the National Office of Electoral Processes, announced the first results Sunday night.

From these results, it appears that a second election will take place in June to determine the next Peruvian president. The run-off will be between Keiko Fujimori and PPK.

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