Popular Website Lists Cusco among Best Destinations for Travel

Wednesday March 29, 2017
Popular Website Lists Cusco among Best Destinations for Travel

The popular website Tripadvisor has listed Cusco among the best destinations in the world. Cusco´s official ranking is 25, with Bali coming in at the number one spot.

Cusco has long been a top destination for tourism in Peru, with the access it offers to the World Wonder of Machu Picchu, as well as its magnificent scenery and rich history. Another thing that Peru offers visitors is the opportunity to witness its many unique and colorful festivals throughout the year.

Tripadvisor describes Cusco as, “Incan majesty and Andean baroque exist side-by-side in Cusco’s stone streets, epitomized by the Qoriacancha Palace and the church of Santo Domingo flanking the Plaza de Armas.”

As the Cusco region provides so much diversity and diversion to travelers, it´s no wonder that it has earned a coveted spot as one of Tripadvisor´s top destinations.

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