Working out at Cusco Bootcamp

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Working out at Cusco Bootcamp

Want to stay fit while in Cusco? Join the Cusco Bootcamp! Thursday the 28th of august we will start by climbing up the hill. Reaching the top you will get an adrenaline and energy boost because of the amazing view. While enjoying the view it’s time to continue with several exercises such as sit ups, burpees, jumping jacks and much more. After this we start jogging and pass by the statue of Cristo Blanco. Via the ruins of Saqsaywaman we will descend the hill back to the city.

This bootcamp workout works your entire body with cardio, lower body, upper body and core exercises. We are not using any equipment which makes it perfect for anyone who wants a challenging workout using their own body weight.

The entire workout will last for ± 1 hour.
Please bring: bottle of water, sun cream, running shoes.

  • Date:Thursday 28th August at 2pm
  • Location: SAE Cusco clubhouse Atoqsaycuchi 670 San Blas
  • Cost: 5 soles members, 10 soles non members

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