Cusco: Quillabamba This is the capital city of the province of La Convención and an important commercial centre for the valleys of Lares and La Convención. The principal activities are the production of coca, coffee, cacao and fruit. The city was founded on the 25th of July 1857, and has a climate that is especially good for different sporting activities. Here you can meet with nature-adventure tourists, since the city is the principal access to the Megantoni nature reserve.

Main Tourist Attractions

  • Siete Tinajas
    Cusco: Quillabamba, Siete TinajasOne of nature's wonders, consisting of a natural waterfall that over time has shaped the rock into forms that look like great stone jars.
  • Echarati
    Cusco: Quillabamba, EcharatiThe capital of the district is 27 km from the city of Quillabamba, accessible by highway. The district has beautiful valleys and mountains of great ecological interest. Tourists are draw by the opportunity for adventure sports or getting in touch with nature.
  • Cerro Urusaywa
    Cusco: Quillabamba, Cerro Urusaywa Cerro Urusaywa also known as Apu Urusaywa (jealous guardian), symbolizes the forces, mysticism and enigmas of the town of Echaratino, whose principal village is located on the slope of the mountains. It is characterized as being one of the highest mountain of the district, perfect for sports like mountain climbing, parachuting, delta flying, etc.
  • Megantoni Nature Reserve
    Cusco: Quillabamba, Hidroelectrica de Machu PicchuAlso called the Sanctuary of Megantoni; is one of the greatest marvels of nature, formed by the river Urubamba where it has broken through the buttresses of the eastern range the Peruvian Andes. It is an attractive area for the adventure tourist. It is characterized by walls of stones and granite from which flow transparent springs and is a spot with a wealth of natural beauty.
  • Kamisea
    Cusco: Quillabamba, KamiseaA native community in Kashiriari located approximately 350 km from Quillabamba. Here you can find one of the most important natural resources of Peru. It is a tropical area of great natural and ecological beauty.
  • Native Communities
    Cusco: Quillabamba, Comunidades NativasThe best known communities are Machiguengas, Ashaninkas and Piros. The nomadic communities are the Nahuas and KugaPakory. The only community of cannibals is the Mascos. They are visited sporadically by national tourists and some foreigners who visit the city of Quillabamba.
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