Gastronomy in Cusco

Gastronimia: Ceviche
The pleasures of the creativity and variety of Cusco's cuisine can be found in the many restaurants, many of these also have selective wine lists. In different restaurants you can enjoy a range of dishes, for example sirloin, red trout, or pejerrey all with delicious sauces.
Gastronimia: Rocoto Relleno
There are also exquisite dishes prepared and designed by our chefs, dishes like seco de cordero, ceviche, lomo saltado, anticuchos de lomo and cuy al estilo cusqueño, Rocoto Relleno, etc. (all very Peruvian), and Swiss style sirloin, curried chicken, red trout filet a la florentina, etc. (international dishes).
Gastronimia: Anticuhos
You can also enjoy traditional dishes like Cuy a la Parrilla, Papa a la Huancaina, Anticucho de Corazon, Morcillas, Chorizos, Chunchulis, Medallon de Cordero, Lomo a la Pizzaola, Lomo a la Parrilla, Trucha Rosada a la Parrilla and many more all accompanied by an excellent selection of wines and national drinks.
Gastronimia: Pisco Sour
As for drinks, the bars of Cusco have got a wide selection of the most popular national and international liquors.

The experienced barmen in Cusco are always able to suggest a suitable drink such as the typical Pisco Sour or an algarrobina. They are also able to prepare any a wide variety of international cocktails.

A selection of Peruvian and international wines can also be found in Cusco, as well as the normal selection of soft drinks.

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