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Nightlife Cusco
Most of bars in the city open from 11 am to 2 am. The discos open from 8 or 9 pm to 4 or 5 am.
The beer is the most popular drink in the city. In Peru there are several beer brands like Cristal, Pilsen or Brahma; but the best beer is “Cerveza Cusqueña” one of the best in the World. The “Pisco” is the national liquor, nevertheless most of bars and clubs offer also whisky, rum, vodka, gin, and many cocktails.

The most of bars and discos are in the downtown of the city near the “Plaza de Armas”.


Cusco City and Nightlife Mama Africa
Located on the second floor high above Plaza de Armas, Mama Africa is one of the best and most popular nightclubs in Cusco. The club has one the finest discotheques in Cusco, attracting a relatively young crowd comprising of both locals and foreigners. It's a great place to enjoy music and dance, especially if you like sensual salsa. What's more, it shows latest Hollywood movies releases during the day.
Mama Africa has a big dance floor and an intimate bar, serving your favourite drinks at a reasonable price. Guests can enjoy a wide choice of music ranging from salsa to samba and latest Latin hits to techno music over a drink with friends. The club also organizes occasional live music performance. So if you're looking for some exciting and relaxing moments in Cusco, then Mama Africa is a great place to be in.

Plaza Regocijo 274, second floor, is the senior citizen of Cusqueño nightclubs, having been inaugurated before the tourist explosion, back in 1985. It's a cool and comfortable place, a two-level bar and a live music area with tables and funky decor. The music ranges from rock en español to reggae, and there are lots of locals -- occasionally, Peruvians even outnumber gringos. (Imagine that!) There are nightly drink specials on things such as caipirinhas and mojitos. If you've imbibed one too many of those, you might want to take a breather before tackling the stairs to the street.

Gringos living here could just as well name Mythology "cool central." It has a movie salon, a restaurant and an all-night dance floor. Located in the northwest corner of the Plaza de Armas this club also offers regular salsa classes. The movies play everyday at 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. 6:10 p.m and 8:10 p.m., with rows of comfortable sofas facing a wall-sized screen. Neo-psychedelic art takes up the rest of the walls and the ceilings, and a $25,000 sound system keeps the best of old, new, international and local pop music pulsating until the roosters crow and the vicuñas come home.

El Garabatos
Pubs and Bars in Cusco Garabatos, a bit more upscale than most, has a stage and large screen where videos harmonize in tune with the music, which is predominately salsa. Packed dance floors are a regular occurrence, and salsa lessons are frequently given.

Located close to the famous Plaza de Armas, Ukukus is one of best discotheques in Cusco. A hot favorite with both locals and international tourists, the club offers a nice atmosphere to enjoy some good music and dance. It also plays a live Latin techno band, enticing young guys and gals to dance to tunes of latest hits.
Ukukus has a small dance floor and a well-stocked bar serving a fine choice of local and international liquor. If you're looking for an exciting place to spend a memorable evening with friends in Cusco, it's a right choice for you. Dance to the tunes of hot music or have some good moments with friends over a drink at the bar in Ukukus.

Roots is a new addition to Cusco’s nightlife having just opened on Plateros 354. A small, cosy venue this lounge bar usually plays a mixture of reggae and dancehall and is popular with both locals and tourists alike. Usually a late starter it is best to arrive later when this lounge bar really kicks off and you can party until 6am.

Uptown is a popular nightclub which is famous for showing a wide range of videos during the day. With free salsa classes in the evenings this bar is popular for gringos and stays open until the early hours of the morning.

Caos’ size allows for a calendar of parties and events-- although mostly Peruvian. But where there are exotic cocktails and good music, there shall be fun. Even if you’re not planning on hanging out here, a peak inside is well worth the aesthetics. Descend the dark stairs and you find yourself standing directly on top of a platform fish tank.

Founded after a breakup with Mama Africa, Xcess is one of the hottest nightclubs in Cusco today. The club has a nice dance floor and a bar, along with a theater showing latest movie releases. It's a great place to enjoy some exciting music and dance, as well as drinks with friends. Guests can enjoy a good selection of music, including hot salsa as well as latest pop hits. The club is a hot favourite with both locals and tourists.
If you're looking for some good pastime in Cusco, then Xcess is a place to be in. See young teenage girls shoving and passing flying kisses at you and offering free drink passes. If you're looking for some fun with young and fashionable crowds of Cusco, Xcess is the right place for you. Dance to the tunes of hot music or have some intimate moments with friends at the fireplace and the pizzeria.

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