Restaurants in Procuradores, Cusco

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Ima Sumaq
Restaurant Ima Sumaq is located just off of the main square- Plaza de Armas on the second floor, providing an amazing view of the city. Ima Sumaq in Quechua means delight and beauty of life and that is what this restaurant strives to provide- well decorated, relaxing environment, exceptional customer service and only top quality ingredients to provide top quality Peruvian dishes to its customers. Definitely worth a visit- or two!
Calle Procuradores 341 2nd Floor
(51 84) 236613
Chez Maggy
Restaurant A family owned pizzeria with multiple locations in Cusco, this restaurant offers only the best pizza with the freshest ingredients from local farmers. If you are craving authentic Italian pizza with a Cusquenan flare, and a warm and friendly atmosphere visit one of the many locations of Chez Maggy!
Calle Procuradores 344- 265 -374 and Plateros 348
(51 84) 234861
Restaurant If you are looking for something other than Peruvian food, or simply craving some Asian cuisine Bambu is the restaurant to go to! Located just off the Plaza de Armas, Bambu offers Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine in a friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Procuradores 347
(51 84) 244872
Wasi- Grill Restaurant/ Pizzeria Bar
This place offers tipical food but also italian, mexican or vegetarian food. The big oven makes the restaurant very cosy and warm.
Procuradores 349
Yllari Café/Restaurant/ Pizzeria
This is nice place to hang out during the day while enjoying cakes and crepes with a cup of coffee, but they also serve food. There specialty are dishes with quinoa.
Procuradores 385
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