7 Famous streets in Cusco with the mystical number 7

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7 Famous streets in Cusco with the mystical number 7

The beautiful city of Cusco stands out as one of the most remarkable cities in South America, and its allure extends beyond its extraordinary cultural history, distinctive architecture, and enduring traditions. The Historic Center of Cusco is teeming with unconventional tales and nuances, and within it, there are seven streets with names that evoke intrigue. Some conceal mysteries, while others earned their names due to specific purposes during particular moments in history. Let’s find those 7 Famous streets in Cusco with the mystical number 7.

For travel enthusiasts exploring Peru and intrigued by Peruvian culture, the significance of the number 7 holds a captivating resonance. Revered by ancient cultures, the number 7 held sacred symbolism; Pythagoreans attributed it to celestial bodies emitting controlled vibrations that governed the world, giving rise to the seven days of the week. In the Inca civilization, the number 7 intertwined with the symbolic colors of the rainbow, a profound natural event and a representation mirrored in the flag of Cusco, the ancient Incan capital.

Beyond its celestial and cultural associations, the number 7 reverberates through various aspects of history. From the seven deadly sins to the seven church sacraments, seven musical notes, and the seven wonders of both the ancient and modern worlds — with Machu Picchu proudly claiming its place among them — the number is woven into the fabric of cultural and spiritual narratives.

Delving into the streets of Cusco, the city unfolds another layer of mystical connection. Seven streets bear names commencing with the number 7, sparking intrigue and speculation. Some attribute this cabalistic association to the colonial era, while others trace its roots even further back, preceding the time of the Incas. Ancient Peruvians, like many global cultures, believed in the profound influence of stars on human life.

Cusco calle siete cuartones

7 Famous streets in Cusco with the mystical number 7

While exploring the city of Cusco, you can easily go and visit these seven streets, each with a distinct historical narrative:

Seven Mascarones:

Situated outside the historic center, between the parish of Santiago and Almudena, this street once housed Don Mascareñas and his six children. Together, they crafted bronze objects for churches.

How to get there?

From Cusco’s Plaza de Armas it will take you about 10-15 minutes approximately to walk to Almudena cemetery.

Seven Windows (Siete Ventanas):

Nestled in the San Blas neighborhood, an extension of Ruins Street, this street reminisces about the San Agustín convent. Notable for its four large and three small windows, it stands as a testament to the area’s rich history.

How to get there?

If you are in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco you can easily walk there; it will take you about 8 minutes on the way you will be able to appreciate the Machupicchu-House Concha Museum.

Seven Quarters (Siete Cuartones):

Known for the seven stringers or stone blocks that once spanned the historic Saphy River (now beneath Av. El Sol), only one remains at the Saphy Street intersection.

Calle Siete Cuartones about Cusco

How to get there?

This street is 5 minutes walking from the Plaza de Armas.

Seven Little Devils (Siete Diablitos):

Infamous for being a rendezvous for yesteryear lovers tempted by the devil, this street earned its name from those returning with their “Sunday 7th” tales.

Calle 7 diablitos Cusco

Seven Little Angels (Siete Angelitos):

Found in the San Blas neighborhood, between Tandapata and Carmen Alto streets, this street boasts seven figures adorning the rooftops of an old house.

Calle 7 Angelitos

How to get there?

From the Plaza de Armas, the walk takes approximately 10 minutes walking up the Cuesta San Blas.

Seven Snakes (Siete Culebras):

Located in Plazoleta las Nazarenas, this picturesque alley, adorned with cobbled stones, features seven pairs of snakes carved on Inca walls.

Siete culebritas Peru Cusco

How to get there?

Only 6 minutes-walk from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco through the Plazoleta Nazarenas

Seven Little Lambs (Siete Borreguitos):

La Calle Siete Borreguitos was once frequented by people strolling with their cattle and packages, adding to the daily life of Cusco. It’s now considered one of Cusco’s most beautiful streets.

These renowned streets, residing in the historic center of Cusco near the main square la Plaza de Armas, echo with tales and mysteries, enriching the city’s cultural heritage.

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