Cusco: Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

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The Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

Nestled high in the Andes, Cusco is the beating heart of the Inca Empire, a city where ancient history meets modern charm. Its cobbled streets, vibrant markets, and proximity to Machu Picchu make it a must-visit destination. Let’s check the Gateway to the Inca Empire on Instagram with these must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Cusco!

Get to know Cusco on Instagram

For those drawn to the allure of Cusco, Instagram becomes your virtual tour guide, offering a sneak peek into the city’s magic. From the Plaza de Armas, to the Temple of the Sun, the nearby Sacred Valley, the streets, the people, the Peruvian food, the cafes…. These accounts capture the essence of Cusco, providing valuable tips for travelers and a sense of belonging for those considering expat life.

Cusco: Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

Macchu Picchu Cusco Peru
  1. @visitcuscoofficial/

    • This account takes you on a journey through Cusco, sharing local insights, hidden spots, and a genuine love for the city.
  1. @visitperuofficial/

    • A daily dose of visual inspiration from Peru. Experience the beauty of Peru through this account, from bustling markets to serene moments in the city’s historic squares
  1. @igerscusco/

    • If you’re considering making Cusco your home or travel destination, follow this account for a firsthand look the city with local tips, cultural activities, festivals and more.
  1. @peru/

    • This account reveals the lesser-known wonders of Cusco, from archaeological sites to off-the-beaten-path treasures; unveiling the Wonders of Peru.
  1. @instafoodperu

    • Indulge in the flavors of Cusco through this account, showcasing the city’s vibrant food scene and local gastronomic delights.



  1. @geocusco/

    • This accounts captures the essence of Cusco, showcasing the city’s unique Andean charm. Expect to see stunning views of the city, traditional festivities, and glimpses into the daily life of Cusqueños.

    • Another account full of travel inspiration for those planning a visit to Cusco and do tours in Cusco and to Machu Picchu. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, this account offers a visual guide for travelers seeking to explore the heart of the Inca Empire.
Machu Picchu Instagram accounts
  1. @aboutcusco

    • About Cusco is visual ode to the city, celebrating its beauty, culture, and history. Follow along for a heartfelt journey through the cobblestone streets, historic sites, and the enchanting atmosphere that makes Cusco unforgettable.
  1. @inkaterrahotels

    • The Inca Terra hotels – World’s First ‘Climate Positive’ Hotel Brand- is not for every traveler (the hotels are stunning but not cheap); yet still the visuals on the account are beautiful and provide travel inspiration and show the beauty of the destinations (Cusco, Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley and Tambopata).
  1. @cappuccinocusco/

    • Nice pictures from their balcony at the Plaza de Armas in Cusco with beautiful views over the square and the cathedral.
  1. @incatrail_cusco_peru

    • Nice photos and tips about the most iconic hike in South America: the Inca Trail to the Inca citadel Machu Picchu!
Calle Siete Borreguitos Cusco Instagram All these Instagram accounts offer diverse perspectives on Cusco, from travel inspiration to local charm. Check their latest posts for a current glimpse into the magic of Cusco on The Must-Follow Instagram Account.

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